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9AM to 4PM (Monday to Saturday)
5.30PM to 7PM (Monday to Saturday)
All Sundays are Holiday!!!
SAI RETINA FOUNDATION, came into existence in September 2008, when Dr. Jayant Guha felt there was a need of a dedicated centre to tackle retinal disorders. He realized this after having worked in the region of Delhi and its surrounding regions since 1995. Since it’s inception, this centre has been catering to a wide referral network of general ophthalmologists, besides other retina surgeons who referred their complicated retina cases in the area of East Delhi and surrounding NCR regions.
  So this Centre came up as an exclusive Retina Centre.
Further, Dr. Guha, realized that while treating his patients the diabetic patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy turned up in great numbers. From here germinated the concept of "Diabetic Retinopathy Mitigation Project in East and North-east Delhi". This is a community based project where we have commissioned a mobile retina van and a transportation vehicle to support the activities reporting to our base centre. This area was selected as it was found much wanting and the spread of awareness became a priority as the ignorance or apathy towards this ailment presented a glaring gap in eye care.
Thus this new centre came up in Dilshad Colony in August 2013. Since all kinds of patients suffering from eye problems turned up in these eye camps we had to cater to them all and so now A COMPLETE EYE CARE CENTRE with all possible eye care solutions in eye care came up.
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